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Sensitive Teeth and Laser Teeth Whitening

Updated: Jan 26

Many people deter from getting their teeth professionally whitened because they are afraid of pain and sensitivity that may be felt during and after the treatment. Although this was true many years ago, now with technological advances and regulated solutions means there is nothing to be afraid of in the professional teeth whitening process.

Most teeth whitening sessions last only an hour long, unless you are going for an express top up package at Daiyah Aesthetic Clinic, the process is nothing more than relaxing. A unique formulated gel is applied to the surface of the teeth whilst the other areas of the mouth are protected. A special light is pointed directly to the teeth activating the gel under the special light initiating the accelerated whitening process.

We have clients from all walks of life, some have crowns, a row of veneers, nervous patients, suffers of fluorosis and even receding gums. People who suffer from sensitive teeth, generally report feeling no sensitivity during or after the treatment, a small percentage do report to feeling mild discomfort and slight sensitivity, however this subsides within 48 hours after the treatment.

Sensitive Teeth and Laser Teeth Whitening Suitability

If you suffer from normal teeth sensitivity, such has from cold drinks or after a deep polish and descaling of the teeth at the dentist, you are still deemed suitable to have professional laser teeth whitening. We have advance technology that allows the power setting to be reduced without compromising the whitening effects.

However, If you suffer from extreme teeth sensitivity, for example discomfort or sensitivity from both warm and cool drinks, or discomfort from cold air in the winter, you may not be suitable for laser teeth whitening. If you are uncertain then do contact our specialist team for assistance.

Can Teeth Whitening Cause Gum Recession?

Yes, it is possible for teeth whitening to cause gum recession, the risk is particularly high for home whitening systems bought over the internet. Teeth whitening systems must be purchased from a reputable source, otherwise the chemicals in the products can burn your gums, damaged gums are susceptible to infections causing weak gums. Weak gums and oral infections are one of the leading causes of gum recession.

Gum recession is one of the main causes of sensitive teeth, the gum recession means the dentin inside your tooth are uncovered, exposing the root causing the nerves to become susceptible to sensitivity and pain. In most cases you are suitable for the treatment, our dentist use a protective barrier and the gel is positioned carefully in a unique way allowing candidate with gum recession to have their teeth professionally whitened.

How Long Does Sensitivity Last After Zoom?

As mentioned above the majority of individuals do not feel major teeth sensitivity during or after the Zoom teeth whitening treatment, thanks to our white-speed power adjusting machines. However if you are that small percentage of the population that does feel some sensitivity, rest assured it will only last 24-48 hours post treatment. The sensitivity that may be felt is a result of the pores on enamel surface dilating during the treatment under the special lamp. After the 24-48 hours have passed, the pores shrink back to their original tiny size, feeling back to normal. If you are a worrier (need not be) then you can use desensitising toothpaste a few days before you are scheduled for your teeth whitening treatment and for 48 hours after your whitening treatment.

If you are unhappy with the shade of your teeth and want a brighter smile but have delayed the treatment because of the fear of sensitive teeth or feel you are not suitable because of gum recession, get a second opinion and speak to one of our specialist, in most cases you are suitable! Teeth whitening is one of the fastest and safest way to whiten teeth. Find out for yourself, it doesn’t hurt and the results are definitely worth it.

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