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Lipstick Shades That Make Your Teeth Look Yellow

Updated: Sep 8

Lipstick is a powerful tool that can transform your overall appearance, but did you know that the shade you choose can have a significant impact on the colour of your teeth?

The right lipstick can enhance the natural whiteness of your smile, while the wrong shade can make your teeth appear dull, stained and yellow.

We've all been there: your on a teams meeting, or the main speaker at the conference or just snapping photos and having the time of your life. Eventually, you take a peek at the pics, only to notice a dull, off-white smile. Sure, a quick touch-up with a photo editing app can fix that, but those pearly whites deserve to be shown off in person, too.

If you want to stop playing Russian roulette with your lipstick choice read on below to learn how different lipstick shades impact with the colour of your teeth. By understanding this dynamic, you can confidently select lip colours that complement and enhance the beauty of your smile when it is time to take a good picture.

Why do my teeth look yellow when I wear lipstick?

Reassuring fact: Wearing lipstick in general doesn’t make your teeth appear less white – it’s actually the colour’s underlying tone that affects the appearance of your teeth! Lipstick colours are based on three undertones: blue, yellow, and red.

Lipsticks with yellow and red undertones create a warmer lipstick shades, these colours with warm undertones will emphasise the warm tones in your teeth, which is why your teeth appear more yellow when wearing certain shades.

Lipstick Shades That Make Your Teeth Look Whiter!

Racy Reds

Reds can be both warm toned and cool toned.Cool-Toned

reds with blue undertones work wonders in making teeth appear whiter. Colours like cranberry, cherry, or raspberry create a striking contrast against the yellow undertones in teeth, providing a visually brighter smile.

Rosy Pinks

Cool-toned pink shades, such as rose, mauve, or dusty pink, can help counterbalance any yellowing in the teeth, creating the illusion of whiter teeth. These soft and feminine hues enhance the brightness of your smile without overpowering it, these tones look particularly flattering for olive-skin tones, bringing out the natural warmth.

Rich Berries

Rich berry and plum shades with blue or purple undertones can create a captivating contrast against white teeth, making them appear brighter and whiter. Shades like deep plum, blackberry, or dark raspberry can be particularly effective in enhancing your smile's radiance.

Nude and Muted Tone

Nude lipsticks tend to range in brown or peach category, unfortunately make your teeth appear more yellow. If Nude is your go to colour opt for nude lipstick with cool pink undertones to offer a subtle yet effective enhancement to the natural colour of your lips. These shades, such as soft pinks or cool beiges, can make your teeth appear whiter by providing a gentle and flattering backdrop.

Lipstick Colours That Amplify Yellow Tones – Tones to Treat With Caution

Warm-Toned Reds and Oranges

Lipstick shades with warm undertones, such as bright summer shades of orange-reds or fiery oranges, peaches, can emphasise any yellowing or discolouration in the teeth. These colours tend to clash with the natural whiteness of teeth, making them look less vibrant and yellow.

Brown and Earthy Nude Tones

Brown lipstick is a universally flattering colour that suits all skin types, its one of the most popular colours universally.

Brown lipstick shades, including chocolate browns or deep earthy hues, can create an unfavourable contrast against teeth. These colours often have warm undertones that enhance the yellow appearance of teeth, resulting in a duller smile.

Yellow-Based Pinks

Some pink lipsticks have yellow undertones, which can have a similar effect as warm-toned reds. Lipsticks in coral or peach shades may contain yellow undertones that can bring out the yellow in teeth, making them look less white.

Matte Formulas

Matt lipsticks give the illusion of dry lips so your teeth will have no shine to bounce off. avoid matt finish if your teeth are not as white as you would like them to be.

As a general rule, it's best to avoid brown/beige/peach shades as they're close to yellow and orange shades on the colour wheel, which can bring out the yellow tones in your teeth.

Other Tricks To Make Your Teeth Appear Whiter!

To really create the illusion of whiter teeth, choosing darker colours in general will create more contrast with your teeth and make them seem lighter, while light shades will have the opposite effect.

Always keep your lips hydrated at all times, as dry lips can draw attention to plaque build-up on your teeth. Matte lipsticks can accentuate dryness, so go with glossier lipstick shades or add some gloss on top, to help reflect some light off your teeth and get them sparkling.

If these tricks aren’t enough to make your teeth appear as white as you’d like, or you really just don’t want to give up your favourite warm-toned lipstick, professional teeth whitening in Central London may be your best solution for you. It is the best way to remove teeth stains and give you a smile you’re proud to show off!

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