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Everything You Need to Know About Laser Teeth Whitening

Updated: Jul 9

We often think of our technological breakthroughs as new ideas. However, not all of them are as modern as we might want to think. Evidence shows that teeth whitening has been enhancing beauty for over 4000 years. Various pastes were comprised of wine vinegar to bleach teeth and bring out a brighter smile.

Today, we have a variety of different options for whitening our teeth. Gels and teeth whitening strips are often the most popular solutions,

but are these the most effective in reaching optimum results? Evidence shows these procedures rarely perform as well as they claim to and must be applied multiple times making it expensive to whiten teeth even at the slightest.

Laser teeth whitening is different. Where traditional teeth whitening options whiten the surface of the teeth, laser teeth whitening goes deep into teeth to whiten from within. Results are faster and far more effective than over the counter teeth whitening methods.

How Does Laser Teeth Whitening at Baker Street Work?

Unlike other teeth whitening methods that can be applied by anyone, laser teeth whitening is a professional grade treatment which must be applied by a licensed professional, all our Baker street clinic treatments are performed to the highest standard by highly trained professionals.

The treatments itself are very relaxing, the dentist will prepare your mouth, protecting the internal tissues, a protective coating is placed over the gums ensuring no irritation occurs.

Once the protective covering is in place, the dentist can begin applying the bleaching gel that ultimately whitens teeth. When the laser is activated, particles within the whitening gel are energized to penetrate deep into the teeth and whitening them completely.

Will I Need Multiple Treatments?

It is possible. Severely stained teeth often do not completely whiten in just one treatment. Some individuals have a very thick enamel, which can be harder to lift in just one session. Laser teeth whitening is a process and during your session your dentist will assess the level of whitening achieved. As the gel remains on your teeth, the dentist will monitor the whitening affect to ensure the proper results are achieved for that session. If subsequent treatments are required, they will be scheduled at a later time and continued until full results come to fruition.

How Long Will It Last?

Teeth whitening can become an expensive entity. Purchasing various kits for home whitening procedures require regular treatments and results may only last 6 months. However, the deep penetrating laser and bleaching gel provided from laser teeth whitening, provides longer lasting results. Some patients have reported results lasting for many years after the full series of treatment is completed.

That level of lasting results is unparalleled by comparable teeth whitening methods and the lasting nature does not end there. Patients who avoid the use of teeth staining foods and drinks have seen results last for more than just a few years. Ultimately, laser teeth whitening can prove less expensive than ongoing over the counter teeth whitening methods.

Are There Any Aftercare Requirements?

As with most dentist procedures, there are some requirements post treatment. First, it is highly recommended that patients do not smoke or consume foods or drinks that have high pigmentation. This could be anything from red wine to juice and soda. Additionally, it is required that those who have had laser teeth whitening recently avoid acidic foods such as tomatoes, citrus, and yes, sodas. Acid can weaken the enamel causing the potential for staining once again.

Another aspect of post care that most dentists will require is a regular flossing and brushing routine. Twice per day is recommended, but patients are asked to take it one step further by investing in fluoride rinses. Your mouth should be rinsed several times each day with fluoride rinses to rehydrate dentin and enamel on your teeth.

What Whitening Agent is Actually Used?

The common term for a laser teeth whitening agent is bleach, but this is not your typical bleaching agent. It is comprised of hydrogen peroxide and carbamide peroxide to achieve whitening without damaging teeth.

Can Anyone Have Laser Teeth Whitening?

Generally yes, but there are some individuals that may need to avoid the procedure. Individuals that have existing holes, cracks, or lesions in their teeth or gums should not have the procedure done. Laser teeth whitening might exacerbate these issues causing more problems or infection.

Laser teeth whitening is among the best way to improve your smile. It is not a highly invasive procedure and has had immensely positive results throughout its existence. It is important that you consult a professional in the field. Daiyah Aesthetic Clinic located in London (Baker Street) can help you rejuvenate your smile through laser teeth whitening. Our professional team can walk you through the procedure to see if it is right for you.

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