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Best Teeth Whitening in Covent Garden

Updated: Dec 30, 2022

The aesthetic industry has flourished over the years, people are paying extra attention to the way they look over the last decade; it is no longer for the rich and famous. When we look good we feel good, boosting our confidence to the stars.

Teeth come in various shades and sizes, over time the shade of our teeth can become stained an dull looking, and of course, we want that hypnotising smile. There are so many different teeth whitening products out there. We would like to tell you about our teeth whitening services and get you the smile you deserve.

Best Teeth Whitening in Covent Garden

Our team provide, Philips Zoom laser teeth whitening based in Covent Garden, London, Philips Zoom laser teeth whitening is the best dental grade teeth whitening treatment out there.

The treatment includes gel application directly to the teeth enamel with a special laser giving you instant and long lasting results. That means noticeably brighter smile with just one treatment that takes less than an hour.

The stains and discolouration we see on our teeth are from life style choices, bad oral habits, age, the foods and drinks we consume all contribute to teeth discolouration.

Why choose us?

We specialise in facial aesthetics, laser skin treatments and cosmetic dentistry to help you look and feel your absolute best.

We have a fully qualified and dedicated professional team, our dentists will conduct your teeth whitening treatments, highly experienced in the field and GDC registered. We also know going to the dentist can be daunting for some people, our team are no novice when dealing with nervous individuals. So whether you are nervous or concerned about sensitivity, there is no need to be, we will answer all your questions and carefully assess your suitability for our Philips Zoom teeth whitening treatments. We deliver great results without compromising your oral health, we offer the exemplary aftercare to all our clients.

We have different packages to meet individual needs, we understand some individuals do not have the patience to commit to home teeth whitening kits alone. Home whitening kits can take up to 6 weeks of daily use to start noticing results, most people do not commit, and those who do tend to experience sensitivity.

All our packages include in-clinic laser teeth whitening and some of our packages also include the home whitening treatment. These home kits are very effective and easy to use, unlike most brands who require over-night usage. Our teeth whitening home kit require a one hour application to lock in the whiteness.

Our clinics are easily accessible via main London transport links, We are based in Covent Garden, London, Bond Street London and Marylebone in London. All clinics are a short walk from the underground station, restaurants, shops, coffee shops, pubs and quirky streets; the area is so beautiful you will want to explore.

What is Philips Zoom Laser Teeth Whitening?

The Philips ZOOM! Laser teeth-whitening technique is the latest cutting-edge development in teeth-whitening industry; the best on the market. This treatment is the safest and most effective option utilised by dentists globally. The treatment is fast and effective, most individuals feel none to minimal sensitivity with instant whitening results. In just one session, you will see noticeable results where your teeth whiten up to 12 shades lighter in just under an hour while relaxing in our comfortable and friendly clinic.

Teeth whitening treatments options (including home kit)

While our Philips ZOOM! Laser teeth whitening treatment is the safest option to choose when you want fast and effective results; you can choose other methods to brighten your smile. Our cosmetic dental team at Daiyah Aesthetic Clinic Covent Garden also offer at-home teeth-whitening kits, the home whitening kits are primarily used for maintaining the results and for top up treatments.

Our home teeth-whitening kits contain 6% hydrogen peroxide, the strongest and safest option, the whitening gel formula in our home kits gently lifts stains out of the pores of your teeth, removing stains that weaker commercial teeth-whitening kits cannot reach. It is worth noting that the natural colour of your teeth is never pure white. The whitening gels used in our home kits will effectively whiten the surface enamel of your natural teeth, but they cannot whiten veneers, fillings, crowns, caps or composite bonding.

Professional Dental Grade vs Cheap Teeth Whitening

Many people will spend a fortune on over-the-counter and online teeth whitening kits, only to find these solutions are ineffective and more expensive (not to mention damaging) in the long run. Over-the-counter teeth-whitening kits can only remove the slightest surface teeth staining because the manufacturers are only allowed to use weak bleaching solutions for health and safety reasons. Many people try different products, hoping to find the results they are looking, but in reality they waste money and feel dissatisfied with the results.

Professional teeth whitening should only be carried out by a GDC registered dentists in a clinical setting. When choosing Philips ZOOM! from Daiyah Aesthetic Clinic in Covent Garden, you will get effective, instant teeth-whitening, giving you noticeable result in as little as an hour results lasting over a year.

We offer competitive prices, professional teeth whitening will be more expensive than over the counter products, but in the long run it will be more cost-effective as the results will be long-lasting. This means you would not keep paying out for over-the-counter teeth-whitening kits to achieve the level of whiteness and then to maintain the level of whiteness.

Have any questions? Call our specialist team on 0203 239 0209.

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