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 Teeth Whitening

Teeth come in all different shades  and sizes, if you are looking to get whiter teeth, this requires some commitment. While the high street and many online platforms are stocking more and more quick-fix whitening kits. strips, toothpastes, the most effective and safest option for your teeth whitening remains the professional route, in-clinic laser treatment using high tech equipment and dental grade gel home kit.

Why chose Daiyah Clinic in London?

Here at D A I Y A H Aesthetic Clinic we have whitened a vast number of happy smiles, not only do we used the latest technology on the market, as much as it is important to have a great system, the training and technique itself is very important to achieve optimum results.

We offer a selection of the best teeth whitening treatments in central London, that can remove even the toughest-to-whiten stains.

  • This procedure requires one hour visit under the Philips Zoom WhiteSpeed Laser

  • Minimal if any sensitivity plus instant results guaranteed! After only one visit to the clinic. Click here for real life photos

  • All treatments are performed by GDC registered dentists

Why Choose Professional Laser Teeth Whitening?

When you choose in-practice teeth whitening, stronger whitening ingredients are used to safely complete your treatment. The result? Instantly brighter teeth, with little to no sensitivity. This should only be carried out by GDC registered dentists.

  • Not suitable for pregnant, breastfeeding or lactating women, photosensitive or light sensitive
  • Must be 18 or over
  • Avoid lip fillers injectables to prevent migration and asymmetry. Wait at least 14 days before your scheduled appointment

It is recommended to follow a strict white diet for at least 48 hours. We will provide you with a list foods you can and should avoid during this period. Click here to see the dietary restrictions.

What Happens During the Treatment?

Just sit back as your dental professional handles the next steps:

  1.     Your dentist preps your mouth for whitening and applies a layer of advanced whitening gel to your teeth

  2.     To speed up the whitening process, the WhiteSpeed laser is directed towards your teeth. This accelerates the whitening, plus the lamp has variable settings, to ensure you’ll get a comfortable experience. This is repeated multiple times, at the start of each cycle; refreshing the gel

  3.      Leave with instantly whiter teeth - guaranteed.

How Long Do the Results Last?

There is a vast difference between professional and home teeth whitening systems, but the best results combine the two; one in-clinic session and a take home kit for top up and maintenance.

The In-chair laser teeth whitening; really treats the surface of the teeth. Home whitening with the dental grade gel alone will whiten the inside of the teeth, but not so much the surface. Therefore, when using a combination of professional laser in clinic whitening with top-up trays you are able to whiten both the inside of the tooth and the tooth surface. This gives amazing, long-lasting results that are much more evenly spread along each tooth.

Our In-clinic Laser teeth whitening treatment results last over one year, when our happy clientele return their initial shade is much more lighter when compared to their first visit to Daiyah Aesthetic Clinic London.

Life style habits such as drinking and eating heavily stained foods, inadequate brushing and flossing can premature the whitening results. Simple tips such as rinsing after drinking coloured foods can help to prolong the results. Our home kits can be left in the fridge for up to one year. In short, with the correct maintenance teeth whiting results can last up to two years.

Are There Any Side Effects & Downtime?

Philips Zoom WhiteSpeed laser teeth whitening is the best treatment available to safely and effectively whiten teeth in as little as one hour. This treatment is the safest way and used by dentists globally. You can pop into Daiyah Aesthetic Clinic on your lunch break and leave with whiter teeth. There is no downtime, only a white diet restriction for 48 hours as mentioned above.

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