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LED laser whitening

Option One

£99 down from £249!


30 Minute in-chair Laser 

Option Two

£119 down from £349!

30 Minute in-chair Laser 

Plus Home Whitening System

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See the difference Philips ZOOM! White-speed! Teeth Whitening Can Make!   

Brighter Smile Guaranteed!

Philips ZOOM Laser Teeth Whitening

Philips ZOOM! professional teeth whitening is a non-invasive treatment that allows individuals to experience brighter and whiter teeth in as little as one hour.

Your smile says a lot about you, it is one of the central focal points of the face, it plays an essential role in the first impression people gain from you.

Lifestyle habits, medication can wear enamel away and teeth get stained from years of eating, drinking or smoking; coating the tooth enamel causing discolouration. You may begin to feel like your smile is no longer an asset diminishing self-confidence. We offer a selection of professional whitening treatments that can remove even the toughest-to-whiten stains, both in-office treatment and from the comfort of your own home.

Philips ZOOM! teeth whitening is the safest option if you are looking to revamp your smile. It is vital to get your teeth whitening treatment and home kits from a reputable source as you never really know what ingredients are inside. Over the counter whitening products can contain harsh chemicals, which can be toxic, compromising your oral health and may cause further discolouration or long term damage. Philips Zoom has the precise composition to whiten and brighten teeth safely and evenly, producing results that last anywhere from 12-24 months. 

Why Choose D A I Y A H Aesthetic Clinic in London?

Teeth Whitening

Get up to 14 shades whiter and brighter teeth! minimum 6 shades Guaranteed!

We are proud to announce D A I Y A H  specialises in Philips ZOOM! Whitespeed Laser teeth whitening technology.

The treatment gives you instant results up to 14 shades whiter and brighter teeth during your one hour visit. Our members lay back and relax for the hour leaving with noticeably whiter teeth, our treatments are performed by fully qualified and GDC registered dentists as part of the oral health care treatment programme.

  • Complimentary no-obligation consultation

  • Instant Results

  • Real Results –browse our gallery here

  • Minimum 6 shade whitening guaranteed!

  • Most affordable Philips ZOOM teeth whitening in Central London

  • Only one visit required!

  • Performed by GDC registered Dentists

Sensitive Teeth & Laser Teeth Whitening 

Our teeth whitening treatments are performed by a dentists, this is the ideal option for those with sensitive teeth.

D A I Y A H takes the comfort of our clients seriously, our dentists are teeth whitening specialists, highly experienced and trained, your teeth are monitored throughout the treatment to ensure they remain safe.

We utilise the latest technological innovations. Our ground breaking technique and machinery means you will experience optimum results with minimal (if any) sensitivity. For those who are concerned about teeth sensitivity, our machines have different power adjustments which can be reduced if any discomfort is felt during your treatment.

How Long Should I Use the Home Kit For?

Home kits can be used to maintain the in-clinic results, keeping teeth whiter for longer. The gel contain 6% Hydrogen Peroxide, strong strength which gently yet effectively whitening teeth in as little as one hour. We provide mouldable generic trays with our home kit packages. 

Am I Suitable?

This treatment is not suitable for pregnant or lactating women, if you are on medication for epilepsy or under the age of 18. Do note that whitening only works on natural teeth, this means artificial teeth will remain unaffected but still suitable for the treatment. You need to be dentally fit to have the treatment. Contact D A I Y A H  to speak to our specialist team.

It is highly advised to adhere to a strict 48 hour white food diet. Any stained foods or drinks consumed during this period can effect the results of your treatment. Our aftercare team will take you through the recommended foods to consume and avoid during this time frame. White food restrictions is not required when using our home kits. Click here for the full aftercare instructions!

Are There Any Aftercare Instructions?

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